As part of the customs service we offer:

  • Preparation of documents necessary for customs clearance – with their initial verification – Goods declaration to concrete border control,
  • Advising on various issues and problems relating to customs laws and regulations, on the basis of which, border inspection services perform their duties,
  • Finding the best solutions in unconventional situations,
  • Making customs declarations for placing goods under appropriate procedure, according to the customer’s wish
  • Customs clearance procedure
  • Customs clearance in the simplified procedure of the deferred VAT (according to Art. 33a)
  • Deposit of the goods for temporary storage in the warehouse or at the Free zone
  • Preparing and submitting INTRASTAT declaration
  • Preparation of excise declarations AKC-U on goods imported from the EU
  • Issuing and completing all freight and customs documents
    (Such as TIR Carnets, CMR, Certificate of Origin, EUR.1, FORM A)
  • Preparation and submission of all applications and obtaining permits issued by The Customs Office